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30 Things about me

So my 30th birthday is coming up (May 31st) and this month I'm going to write about myself, which is a lot harder than it sounds. And figuring out 30 things to share is crazy hard but here we go.

1. I love potatoes in all forms- french fried, mashed, scalloped, loaded you name it!

2. I've never had a birthday party - Not a one!

3. I didn't watch the movie Set it Off until college... my friends staged an intervention

4. I love breakfast foods at any time. Mostly at around 11 PM, French Toast preferred.

5. I'm one of those full dialogue in my head kind of people

6. I love soca music ... Alexa play Machel Mantano

7. I'm naturally introverted. I can extrovert pretty hard, but require a lot of recharging

8. I struggle with anxiety + depression. Always have even before I knew what that was.

9. I like to laugh the kind of laughs that make your eyes tear up

10. Pinterest and DIY projects are my jam ... have you seen my Blanket Ladder?

11. I hate peanut butter. I make my kid's sandwiches completely grossed out

12. I was born in Clarendon Jamaica.

13. My family immigrated to the US when I was 5 in the dead of New England Winter.

14. I love really really hard ... like ... hard

15. I use to be ashamed of how sensitive I am but have learned its the epitome of who I am

16. I love crawfish ... that's a new love I've found since living in Texas

17. My biggest fear is leaving this world before I've prepared my children for it.

18. I HATE driving over bridges. I've played out hundreds of crash scenarios in my head

19. My primary Enneagram type is 6. this means in a nutshell that I am loyal AF

20. I think milk should be poured BEFORE cereal at all times.

21. Want to get on my good side... bring me Ghiradelli caramel-filled chocolates

22. Lilies are my favorite flower. My mother used to grow them in our front yard in CT

23. My favorite season is Spring, aside from the deathly allergies it's my birthday season

24. I love documentaries and how its made/works kind of shows

25. My first job was my local library, I was there so much they basically said you might as well get paid to be here.

26. Top two fave movies Brown Sugar + The Notebook ... I love romance and love

27. Reisling wine is my preferred grape juice.

28. I prefer bbq sauce mixed with hot sauce on my burger than ketchup or mayo.

29. I love being a Delta. I didn't have sisters until Spring 2010

30. I hate being tickled ... if I laugh its because i'm struggling to get away before I punch or kick you in the face. :-)

If you made it to the end of this list you are a real one and well... I love you too!


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