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5 Tips for Holiday Self Care

I love the Christmas season as much as the next holiday junkie that was itching to put a tree up the day after Halloween. I love to sounds, the cheer, the family, Jesus and all of the other wonderful things that make the holiday season amazing.

As amazing as the holiday season is I also know that it can trigger immense sadness, feelings of being overwhelmed, inadequacy, and make November & December something some pray speeds by. I can relate to all of those feelings. Sadness from not being able to see my mother and family in New England, overwhelmed by the amount of WORK that it takes to make the holidays fun and festive from shopping, cooking, planning, days out, etc. and inadequacy when you feel your best just isn't enough.

So here are 5 tips I hope we all remember to help us through the holidays


Remember to be grateful. Studies have shown (I was a psych and Soc. major) that gratitude can help protect you from depression and deep stress (Schaeffer, 2015). So get in the habit of reminding yourself of what you are most grateful for. There is always something to say Thankyou for.


Find someone who you can go to decompress from the holiday stress. As yummy as it can be, don't constantly eat your feelings. (I baked a pie today for myself... but I promise to pace myself).


Try to work in alone time. For me, this means taking my kids to my gym dropping them off in the Kids academy area and doing a cycle, yoga, leg, or upper body class. They have a blast playing with new friends and I get a moment to relax or sweat it out! Find time to be alone.


Let go of some expectations. I don't know about you but what gets me most down is this idea in my head of how it's supposed to be. To survive we have to learn to be flexible and roll with it. It's okay to be upset at something going wrong but don't let it snowball and ruin other perfect things.


Keep some semblance of a routine. Are you use to having coffee or tea at a certain time, working out, going for a walk, journaling, praying, sharing memes in your group chat? Keep doing those things that bring you joy all year round.


Why yes I'm including an APA reference just in case any of my old professors read this I don't want them to be ashamed. (Judge me if you want).

Schaeffer, C. (2015). 6 Tips for holiday self-care. Psychology today. Retrieved from

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