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Black Greek Wall Street Event Review

So if you missed my stories on Feb 29th. I extroverted SO hard for 7 straight hours! I have chronic resting bitch face, smiling and laughing is amazing! It's great for the soul but when I'm neutral RBF is my natural response and boy is it strong. So of course after leaving the event my face hurt!!

The extensive extroverting turned into some AMAZING connections with other vendors who are business owners as well and attendees who stopped by. All of the vendors in attendance were a part of one of the D9 organizations but the Delta's were definitely the majority business owners in the building. I am definitely tooting our horn here!

From dentists, therapists, clothing designers, Greek Paraphernalia reps, Sunglasses, Wellness tea makers, Makeup Artists, a photographer, food trucks and so much more It was such a big realization of our power. Some of the proceeds from the event sponsored a few college scholarships for local high school seniors. This is for sure an event that I will continue to support!

I learned so much about being a vendor and took notes (not mentally, like I really wrote shit down) because my next vendor show in May will be even better!

My little table set up is about to AH-MAZE-ZING!

I left the house without earrings that morning but there was a vendor there with THEE perfect pair! You can check out their line up of handmade earrings by Collage Jewelry on IG @collagejewelry

I also picked up a new lip color from Makeup by Sparkle, not because I left my lipstick at home, but because a new matte lip color always makes me feel good. Click the image below to check out Sparkles line up of lip gloss, matte lip colors, liners and more.


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