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Branding portraits w/ Charlie Marcol

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

The Universe is on my side even when I don't realize it. I was a vendor at the Black Greek Wall Street event back in February and Charlie who is also my soror was the MC. Her personality is infectious, and her presence can't be ignored, she is EVERYTHING, which Delta's usually are! As a vendor, I offered one free session as one of the door prizes and Charlie was the winner. COVID wouldn't let us be great but a couple of weeks ago when she commented on IG that she was ready and she had just gotten her hair done. Hours later we were downtown Houston shooting!

Charlie is an educator, best selling author, speaker, radio host, she hosts her own podcast Confluence, and really gives you life when you are near her! Check out some of the images from our session together.

Check out her Website

When is the last time you had portraits done so you can show up boldly in your business?


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