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How to choose outfits for your branding shoot

Picking out what to wear for a photoshoot can be hard, but it doesn't have to be. A full branding session would consist of at least 2 hours of shooting, 2+ locations, and 3-4 outfits. The clothing you choose of course depends on the type of business you run and your overall vibe. You should always stay true to you no matter what anyone else in your industry looks like or is doing.

My clients receive a 12-page Branding client to help walk them through the entire process and includes picking out just the right pieces of clothing. So here are some tips to get you going in the right direction.


Layering. This is easy to do and an awesome way to switch things up without a total outfit change. One of my fave looks is a sexy skinny with a pair of thick heeled sandals a cute blouse and a blazer (a floral or printed blazer is even better). This allows me to have a couple of images with and without my blazer, very casual and a little bit more dressed up.

Choose outfits based on the typical environments you find yourself in for your business and what is important to you. When your busy creating what are you wearing? If you go out to meet clients or sell your product what represents you? It doesn't always have to be super dressy. Make it realistic but polish it up a bit.

Show your personality. Don't try and be something that you are not. So your professions typical look when you google it is a pantsuit with a crisp collar and pointed stilettos... If that look is something you wouldn't ever be caught in go for something professional but more you. Maybe it looks like a cute button up with a fun print some loafers or Chuck Taylors and jeans. You've gotta stand out, right?

Pick outfits to suit different seasons. Even if you shoot in the fall that doesn't mean all of your outfits need to be earthy calm colors, bring something festive for the holidays, throw in some pastels for the spring, or something vibrant for the summer. This way Your images will be versatile enough to transition through the months.

Does your business need updated branding photos of you and your products? Let's get going! Click Here to contact me.


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