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My 5 favorite podcasts

So a while back I asked my IG followers for podcast recommendations and they DELIVERED! So I'm making a list of some of my faves. Some of them were recommendations and some were some I found on my own and others some everyone loves and were unavoidable.


So I'm starting with Jesus because it's necessary. I haven't been a part of a church in a very long time, but I always listen to the word and I love the lessons and revelations I get from listening to Pastor Furtick. Sometimes it's all I need.

Jesus + Jollof

This was a suggestion from one of my followers and I LOOOOOVE IT! It's so funny and it's so real and relatable. Yvonne and Luvvie have been living their best life so there aren't as many episodes as I would like and I'm patiently waiting on season 3 but if you haven't ever listened go ahead and get caught up now! From adulting to stepping out on faith and managing the world expectations and reality its awesome with some Nigerian special sauce dripped all over it.

Dead Ass

This is a millennial marriage podcast and obviously I listen because I'm a millennial who is married. Devale and Khadeen dive into it all from sex to balancing home life and goals, insecurity, and raising children in this era. Khadeen is also Jamaican so... Gotta love her. They even talk about the meshing of their Jamaican and American cultures which is real-life shit for me. They bring in insightful guests and get really real.

TED Talks Daily

I love a good documentary or anything that teaches me something that I wouldn't otherwise know. These daily TED talks are not typically long and inspire me to go down the Google search rabbit hole to find out new information that I probably won't need but still like learning about... like honey bees

Cocktales Dirty Discussions

So I saved this for last because its a dirty one as you might have gathered from the name. This was another follower's suggestion and I binge listened on our 10-hour drive when we moved from AL to TX. I won't go into detail on this one you will just have to listen for yourself. I will warn it is not for the prude and those easily offended by strong language and sex.


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