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Niche Down B!tc*

Excuse the title... I couldn't help myself.

So early on when I started to learn my camera (Canon Rebel t5i Christmas gift from my hubby), I photographed EVERYTHING. I took pictures of our dog Ace, Sunni, newborns, families, headshots, landscape. Niche wasn't a word in my vocabulary because honestly, I figured everything was fair game and it was because there is no way to figure out what you don't like if you don't try it. And I tried all of it! I like to try things two-three times before deciding I don't like it. But Newborns... I only had to try that once!

Newborns, Landscape, and Pets are the three that I quickly realized aren't my thing. After my first wedding though I was SOLD! The chaos, the love, the tears (mine included) was all I needed. I cry at every wedding, shoot I even cry at those wedding videos you see on FB and those are people I absolutely do not know. It sounds cliche but I love LOVE. I love hard, and if I've ever loved you, its likely ill love you forever!

Branding is new to my photography focus area but it also quickly became a fave. I learned how important imagery is to my business and I want to help other entrepreneurs see the value and capitalize on it. So my branding clients get an entire experience just like my brides do. Think of any successful ad you can, is it just text ... probably not. Chances are it had some kind of eye-catching imagery. That's what Branding photography is visuals that connect the brand with their audience and for me, that includes photos of the brand owners in their element as well as doing 'ordinary' things we all love and can relate to.

Families have always been a focus since my own family was my #1 guinea pigs. I love this focus both for the pretty portraits meant for holiday cards as well as the lifestyle portraits that capture families as they are in their element. Those at home in comfortable clothes baking together, playing games, snuggling on the couch are my fave. Those are the shots you recreate, those are the ones that make your heartache with joy, those are the shots I live for.

Of course, some people are a jack of all trades and I salute them. As for me though I know my strengths and my weaknesses. If I'm shooting a category I love then my client/friends get the best of me and you deserve that.

No matter what you do in life you kind of have to pick a lane. I've chosen mine and I'm happy here. How did you pick your major, your business focus, your job? Are you floating around a little without a niche yet? Let me know I'd love to hear from you.


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