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The Style is Wright

*Guest Blog*

My name is Shawna Wright Edmond and I am the owner of The Style is Wright a

personal shopping and style consulting business. Back in 2016, I decided that I wanted to share with women ways to embrace their personal style.

As someone who has created their own personal style since childhood, it is very typical for others to ask me about how I came up with such unique look how did I know to add

certain pieces to each look. My answer is always simple “who is going to tell me otherwise” or in the words of Real Housewives of Atlanta Sheree Whitfield, “who gone check me boo”?

Personal style to me is just that, it’s personal and that means it starts from within with one special ingredient: CONFIDENCE

Confidence in yourself is to know that you are beautifully made, and the clothes are just accents. Confidence knowing that when you see an item and it’s a little out of your comfort zone, to buy it! Confidence in the way you feel as that can ultimately match the way you look. This is what made me want to embrace my skill as a stylist and wanted to share that with other women. My other motivation for wanting to be a stylist is my keen sense of not wanting to break the bank. Making what others would consider “cheap” to be an entire LEWK is a true skill lol! I can go to Walmart, rainbows you name it, and put

things together that you would believe is from a more popular label.

Now the downside to that is sometimes those materials aren’t always the best quality, but life is too short to pass up something that looks good. I have nothing against designer items but not everyone can afford to purchase them (despite what IG says lol), and I don’t think women should feel less of themselves because they can’t afford them “to look good”. Higher prices don’t guarantee a good look.