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Treat Yourself

I love it when I get clients come to me and they want to book a session for themselves. Not their family, not with their significant other but solo! Don't get me wrong I love LOVE and I love capturing it between two or more people. But more than anything I love SELF LOVE and that is the entire reason behind my shoot with Monique.

Monique books a session every year just for herself around her birthday. (And this year she picked me!) Not only is it a celebration and acknowledgment of another trip around the sun, but its an opportunity to be transparent and showcase natural beauty. Monique makes a point not to wear any makeup for these sessions. And if you know me or have ever worked with me I always encourage even just a little makeup within your comfort zone.


The confidence that Monique rocks surpasses anything a contour, smokey eye, concealer, and perfect brow could convey.

So if you are hesitating on booking a session for yourself let me ask you why? I promise the confidence this session will give you will double what you bring with you.


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