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3 Reasons Why you NEED to join a Mastermind!

Hey loves, this one is for my entrepreneurs, my doers, my makers, my hustlers. So first, let's define what a Mastermind is because if I'm being honest just a few months ago I had heard the term hundreds of times overlooked it and never really given it much thought much less to figure out what it really is.

So a Mastermind is an organized meeting of your professional peers to basically mentor each other, shoot ideas around, give advice, provide support, and help solve problems. This Mastermind thing isn't new but it seems to me it's been popping up a lot more lately and that's for good reason. A Mastermind can be so instrumental in your success as a business owner and for me has been how I take my a renewed refreshed look at my craft and business.

Most masterminds that i've seen (and the two that ive been a part of) occur virtually and this was even before COVID-19. Both of the masterminds I participate in include people from different cities and states and this brings us all together.

A Mastermind is your cheering squad

Entrepreneurship can be such a ROLLERCOASTER! One day everything is great your getting leads your getting stuff done, and the next its like crickets and nothing seems to be going right. I am a part of an ongoing Mastermind with two other ladies who are military spouses I met at Fort Bragg NC. These two ladies are such amazing cheerleaders and I do the same for them. We remind each other "B!+ch you got this"!

A Mastermind is also your Checks + Balances

As much as this group (which doesn't have to be all male or all female) can be your

cheerleaders, they also provide severe and necessary reality checks and truths. Didn't accomplish what you said you would at the last meeting? They are going to hold you

accountable and want to know why!

Project development.

Have you ever had an idea that you just couldn't quite work through to fruition? Or maybe you work it through but oftentimes you don't think of everything. Your Mastermind is there to help point out things that may have missed and help you to develop it further

Your mastermind can occur every week, every other week, monthly, in-person, via Zoom a mix of some of the above or whatever format works best for your group!

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