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5 Bridal Party Gifts to Spoil Your Tribe

So your getting married and you have your tribe assembled that will be there in the bridal suite on your big day.

In return for their service to you that day


helping you into your dress

clasping necklaces

buckling shoes

holding up your dress while you pee

and being your personal hype crew, anxiety quellers, and mimosa refillers

You want to remind them how much you love and appreciate not only their role on our big day but the role they have played in your life leading up to this moment and their role after you become a Mrs.

Here are a few ideas to get you thinking. These are gifts to SPOIL your ladies and give the biggest thank you.

Personalized Makeup Pouches. You can find a cute makeup pouch for about 12-15 bucks and then find someone who can personalize it for you making that $12 pouch invaluable to your fave ladies

Personalized Weekender bag - I love a bag big enough for a weekend trip a quick hotel stay or lugging everything I need to help my girl get down the aisle. Bridal Suites are also notorious for being super messy with things EVERYWHERE & Often when its time to go, ladies, are carrying out 3-4 how awesome and cute would it be if everyone had just the right sized bag for shoes, makeup, change of clothes, toiletries, tiny bottles of wine (because ... why not).

Dancefloor shoes. We've all seen them right those really cute glittery Kate Spade Keds that brides slip on after the ceremony so they can properly drop it, pop it, and werk it as if their grandmother isn't sitting at table 5. Why not gift a pair to your ladies so they aren't out there in flip flops or barefoot? Plus ... super cute photos.

Post-Wedding Day Massage Gift Card. Of course, most gifts are for use that day but they don't have to be. Weddings are beautiful and fun and also a bit stressful and to relax your ladies when you're jetting off to your honeymoon a massage certificate is thoughtful and I promise you will be much appreciated. Take care of your tribe... they've worked hard too.

Personalized Denim Jackets. Now I saw this on a local calligraphy artist IG and LOVED it! purchasing denim jackets for your maids and getting them personalized with some amazing lettering not only gives your ladies something they can rock year-round but gives some additional texture, layer options, and badass-ness to your photos

This particular jacket was created by Lindsey over at Yellow Rose Calligraphy

Let me know what you think of these ideas and shoot me any new ideas you think are spoil worthy options!


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