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Why you NEED a Wedding Coordinator - Even for just a day

Updated: May 1, 2020

About Trish C. Event Planning Services LLC: Trish Chastanet is the owner and founder of Trish C. Event Planning Services LLC. The company is based in Connecticut and offers many event planning services. Trish believes that everyone deserves the best and her goal is to create a memorable experience for you and everyone who is part of the event. With many years of experience in the Supply Chain and Marketing industry, Trish has gained substantial business and marketing experience which today is beneficial to her growing business. One of the many events she looks forward to yearly are Day-of Wedding Services. So, have you considered hiring a Day-of Wedding Coordinator (DWC)? A Day-of Wedding Coordinator can assist wedding couples in many wonderful ways on the actual day of their wedding. Trish C. Event Planning Services LLC is happy to share with you the benefits and the services of a DWC.

What exactly is a Day-of Wedding Coordinator? A DWC is different from a wedding planner. Keep in mind that the Wedding Planner focuses on the overall wedding planning and design of the couple’s vision. This role more so assists with the execution of the planned details for the wedding day, ensuring that your plans are executed flawlessly.

As a Day-of Wedding Coordinator, at what point do you come in the wedding planning process? Approximately 1 to 2 months prior to the wedding for a comprehensive consultation. This consultation is a great opportunity to learn more about the couple’s vision and create a timeline for the wedding day. The goal here is to ensure everything comes together just as the couple envisioned it.

What does a Day-of Wedding Coordinator do to help the couples who are choosing to plan their own weddings rather than hire a full-service wedding planner?  Many couples prefer to plan their wedding themselves. Nothing wrong with that. Hey, if you are organized and love planning I say go for it. However, the wedding day should be stress-free for all especially the bride. Think of the logistics that go into a wedding such as making sure the wedding vendors arrive on time, tables are set correctly, events run on time and family and friends are organized. This is why creating a timeline is an important tool for any wedding. The DWC becomes a resource for the couple prior to the wedding and the main point of contact on the day of the wedding. The goal here is to alleviate stress from everyone and execute the detailed plans accordingly.

What are the key benefits of hiring a Day-of Wedding Coordinator? The main benefit of hiring a DWC is having peace of mind. With any huge event some people may feel overwhelmed, but Trish's goal is to alleviate the stress and ensure that all the details come together as envisioned by the couple. On the day of the wedding, it’s all about the bride and groom. They should not have to reference the wedding timeline on the day of the wedding. This will be the responsibility of the DWC to ensure the details are executed flawlessly.

How much do you charge for Day-of wedding services? This all depends on the specifics of the wedding that the couple needs assistance with, and the number of hours required for my services. It’s important to have a comprehensive consultation with the couple prior to the wedding day to determine a reasonable price.

What if the couple's wedding budget is really tight? My advice is to contact the DWC You just never know who is willing to work with your budget and can be flexible. I understand the constraints of a tight budget, but I am willing to discuss the couple’s needs and work on a reasonable price that does not drastically exceed the budget. I am also good at budgeting, and more than happy to review a couple’s budget and provide feedback and recommendations on cost savings opportunities. Just reach out. There are day-of wedding coordinators that are flexible and willing to work with you. You will never know unless you ask.

Final words A full-service Wedding Planner is normally with you throughout the majority of your wedding planning process whereas a DWC is responsible for coordinating details on the wedding day. This service is beneficial to those couples doing the majority of the wedding planning themselves. Sometimes a reception venue includes a coordinator however, this is not the same as a Day-of Wedding Coordinator. It is important you know exactly the services that the Venue The coordinator is able and willing to do and compare it with your needs for the days leading up to the wedding day and the actual wedding day. Keep in mind a venue coordinator may not be able to call the limo driver or a wedding vendor who may be running late or assist the guests with a wardrobe malfunction or organize your gifts. A DWC is your main point of contact on the day of your wedding to ensure events run on time and wedding plans are executed flawlessly.

Trish C. Event Planning Service LLC is now accepting bookings for Day-of Wedding Services.


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