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4 Reasons why you need an engagement session

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

When I get wedding inquiries from couples who would like to cut costs a little the first thing they often want to take off is the engagement session. However, I do not allow that and I'll tell you why. The engagement session is complimentary so there is not a monetary value assigned to it when I'm building my collections. Here are several other reasons I am adamant about doing an engagement session.

Get a sense of my personality and shooting style

There is an about me page on my website, you can watch my IG stories, we can chat over the phone/video call we can even do our consult at a coffee shop (preferred), but shooting with me can be a bit different. It's important to get a feel for my verbal cues while we are shooting, and so I know what poses flatter you both best. All of these things are best learned before the big day.

Get comfortable in front of the camera

If you and your fiance don't consider yourselves photogenic or are not big fans of PDA then its uber important to get some time in front of the camera with me before the wedding. Cues to kiss, whisper to each other, snuggle, and show intimacy are what I will ask of you and candids are amazing, but we will also need to level up your comfort level so it becomes effortless.

Capture this time in your relationship

You won't ever be engaged to each other ever again. This love you feel now will have grown 10 times over by the time your wedding day and first anniversary arrive. Amongst all the stress and hustle of planning your wedding slow down and enjoy each other and make it a time to remember.

Try out hair and makeup

Your wedding day glam is important and just as it's important to get to know your photographer its also important to know you can trust your hair and makeup artists. Your engagement session is a great opportunity to have a trial and voice any concerns or changes you would like for your wedding day.

So what's stopping you from actually booking an engagement session? Is it comfort or something else? Let me know so I can convince you otherwise!


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