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5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Branding Photos


Whether you participate in Friday introductions, Monday minutes or any other catchy here I am kind of social media engagement initiates your branding photos are a perfect companion to all of that text you share.

Going BTS

Your clients love to see how you do what you do. Your behind the scenes photos don't have to give away your secret sauce to your process, but a glimpse into your workspace, your workflow, and prep to give them the best can help your audience really appreciate what you offer and bring even more value to your product or service.


Engagement is huge right!? ... The answer is 'Yes absolutely'! Beyond responding to comments and chatting with your audience, actually showing them what you love beyond your business is important. What books are you reading, what podcasts are you listening to, what do you binge-watch, what type of wine, tea, coffee, or beer is your fave? Have a quirky obsession? All of that can be captured through branding photos and those photos help connect you with your ideal client.


This is one aspect of running a business I don't particularly love, but when word of mouth is spreading fast or far enough you need to develop marketing strategies with catchy headlines and text that lead to inquiries and bookings. But when have you ever seen a successful ad without an image or 3 attached to it?... Never... The answer is never. Branding photos capture you and your product/service so you always have curated images to include in those fliers, on a vendor table, in your brochures/pamphlets, and those FB/Instagram ads.

About Me

One of the most important pages to have your branding photos displayed is on your about me page. I have gone to so many websites for entrepreneurs about me page and there is no image, or it's a gritty, out of focus, selfie. When I plan to work with someone I want to know what they look like, mostly so that when I meet you I know who I am looking for. People should know who the face behind the brand is. Whether you are a one-woman/man show, co-founders, or on a team you should be represented.

So how many reasons do you now have to NOT get branding photos? I hope none.

(I don't like being in front of the camera doesn't count) << Blog on getting through this coming soon.


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