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A brides review: Alison's recap

Alison was a Bride who came to me by way of another Photographer who could no longer fulfill her contract. And this was just my luck because Alison was such a joy to work with from start to finish! Check out her Wedding Recap.

What was your favorite part of wedding planning?  When all the vendors were secured and all the visions were starting to come together.

What was your least favorite part and why?   Meeting and securing vendors alone was very stressful.

Between engagement and Wedding Day how long did you have to plan? 8 months between engagement and wedding, but I did not start planning until 6 months until the wedding.

Do you feel that the time frame was sufficient or do you wish you had more time?  I think that six months for me was a sufficient amount of time.

In what order did you book your vendors? (Cake, DJ, Photographer, Videographer, Venue, Florist, etc. )  Venues (Church & Golf Club, catering was done by the Club), printing company for invitations & programs, Music for the reception, Music for the ceremony, Photographer, Florist, Décor for the reception, and Transportation last.

What's your best piece of advice for a bride in the planning stage?  Hire a wedding planner/assistant to help you out.

If you could do it all over again what is one thing you would do differently? I would Make sure all the timings with the ceremony music are just exactly how I wanted them. Even though I was very happy with how I planned it and everything turned out great, it would have been nice to have a planner take some of the burdens off. 

On a scale of 1 -10 how involved was Matt on the wedding planning (10 being heavily involved)?  I would give Matt a 2. I took care of most things alone.

Did you stay under, just within, or over your wedding budget? (If you went over, what was your biggest expense)   I went over, unfortunately. It was the catering that was the biggest expense.  

Did you have a planner or day-of coordinator? if not do you think your day would have been better with one? 

The church provided me with a director which would direct and help with the ceremony aspect of it. However, she was not part of the planning and other aspects of the wedding. She was kind enough to be there as an “emotional support” and take my phone calls. It would definitely help to have a planner, but if they are not within a bride’s budget, a day-of-coordinator is a must for peace of mind.


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