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April Goals

February's word of the month was 'Release'. I hold on to things, I overthink things, I analyze things to death and although that's something I don't think I am going to be rid of any time soon my purpose was to begin releasing things that I have no control of. I tried to allow things to occur organically and not stress over how I think it should be. COVID forced me to release alot of my expectations

Word of the Month for April: 'Audacious' > Audacity is a word I love to use when being dramatic and telling a story of someone who dared to do something. But I rarely use it to describe myself and thats not okay. So for April and going forward I will be Audacious! I will be daring! I will be bold! I will be afraid and do shit anyway!

1. Shoot 2-3 Product shoots

That was initially 2-3 Boudoir sessions because that was going to be my focus but I have had to re-frame my mindset and diving into product photography is my refocus

2. Get our home-learning schedule solid

Sunni's school rolled out their home learning program at the end of March and it has been a struggle to adjust to and since school may not commence again until August we need a solid routine

3. Write + schedule all May blogs

I have all of them planned and one written so only a few more to go for May. Blogging has become one of the easiest parts of my business and I'm actually loving it.

4. Create a new site page for products

Before I do this I need to sort out some other details but I really want to get it started and have a template in place to drop in images and publish when ready.

5. Find another vendor event + register

My second vendor event originally scheduled for May has been pushed to October. Although so much is changing and being postponed I'm looking for events toward the end of the year maybe when things calm down. Fall might be worse but I need to plan anyway.

So what are some of the goals you have for April? I would love it if you share them with me and tag me in your IG post. Screenshot the goal sheet below.


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