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May Goals

Updated: May 25, 2020

Word of the Month: Gratitude

As we enter our 2nd full month of staying home I'm focusing on showing gratitude. There are so many big things happening for my business and family this year that not even a pandemic can stop. And I'm grateful for this growth and this season.

What word, phrase or affirmation will be carrying you through this new month of exploration?


Lets get into these May Goals!

Do a self-portrait/branding session

My April branding session was canceled because ... COVID. So this month I'm going to make myself all pretty and try to do some self-portraits. I've always sucked at that so here is to figuring that shit out.

Write + Schedule out June Blogs

COVID-19 really put a damper on my motivation in some areas and that includes my blogging. Although I'm still on track I am not as far ahead as I like to be, or at least as I was in January. So I need to work on blocking off at least one night a week to write.

Reach out to 3 new Makers/ Creatives for product shoots

I spent the last part of March and much of April trying to find friends and family members who made and sold tangible products to jump-start this new niche I want to pursue. So May will be me reaching out to complete strangers.

Figure out a way to celebrate my birthday and Majr's all in one weekend

So my birthday is Sunday, May 31st, and Majr's birthday is Wednesday, June 3rd. This is my 30th birthday though and this is his 2nd so I kinda sorta wanna think this is bigger for me because he won't remember this one, but the mom in me also feels pretty shady for saying that. Maybe the day time celebration will be his and mine can REALLY begin once he winds down.

Get my business accounts + CRM set up

I have signed up for HoneyBook, a client management system to help streamline all of my workflows from inquiry to gallery delivery and check-in. However, this program comes with a bit of a learning curve that honestly left me frustrated after 30 minutes. So if you have any tips or have used HoneyBook please slide in my DMs and help me out.

Are you still setting goals amidst all of this madness? I know a lot of people aren't because goals mean deadlines and its hard to pinpoint any deadline lately but for me its something to focus on aside from the fact that the world is in virtual flames right now.

If you are still setting goals I'd love for you to share them with me. So screenshot the template below and tag me in your IG or FB posts.

Stay healthy + Stay positive


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