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February Goals

Although my months always tend to have plenty more goals within it, Planning out and sharing 5 has proved to keep me pretty focused because while I try to complete these 5 it sparks motivation to do more and work harder! So check out some of my February goals and let me know what yours are by screenshotting the goal sheet at the bottom of this post and sharing it with me on IG.


Plan a special birthday celebration for my hubby My husband turns 33 next month and I really want to do something special. I have a few ideas but please feel free to suggest something cool!

Write and schedule all March blogs

I have one done and at least 3 more to write. At this point 3 months is my most consistent blogging record yet. WOOT WOOT!

Create a bomb vendor table for the end of month Greek Event

If you don't know or if the Greek letters in my IG bio don't mean anything to you I'm a member of the PanHellenic greatest Sorority Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated. At the end of the month, I will be setting up a table to greet, meet, and network with other Divine 9 Sororities and Fraternities. This should be a fun event especially since my husband is also a D9 member (Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity.

Find another Vendor Event to be a part of.

Small vendor events are a great way to build connections and network. And it's a social event that typically my anxiety-ridden self can handle in small doses! Plus pushing myself outside of my comfort zone is something I plan on working on all year.

Meet with a CPA and Straighten out all Texas Legal tingz

This is the part of entrepreneurship for a creative that SUCKS! Because if i'm being honest I'm not a numbers girl. If I was my career path would have been different. But it's necessary ... so the law says. So it must be done. If you know a great CPA in the Houston area please send me their info!

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