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Heeeeeey January

Happy New year everyone!

I hope that your New Years' night was fun and safe and if you stayed home I hope you had the time of your life in your jammies. I did!

The beginning of the year is full of so many possibilities and hope and I love all of the enthusiasm for growth and change! We are also still in engagement season so if you popped the question recently or said yes not too long ago then YAAAAAAAAASSSSS Congratulations!!

I love hearing New Year's resolutions although I don't ever set any for myself I'm continuing to set monthly goals and take the year in chunks. Now I do also set yearly goals but I really work in accomplishing that month by month! Hence this blog series. Small wins matter.

So here are my five January goals/shit I need to do. I encourage you to read them, hold me accountable. Scroll down grab a screenshot of the blank to-do list complete it, share it with me so I can do the same for you.


Attend 2 networking meetings. I'm still navigating my new town and trying to make connections. The introvert in me is struggling... Send help!


Practice and Practice Off-Camera Flash until I am comfortable with set up and settings. If your a photog reading this please feel free to hop in my inbox and offer any suggestions.


Do one thing that takes me out of my introverted comfort zone even if it scares me (and it will). I haven't decided what this will be yet, but I'll update you as I decide? Have ideas? Please challenge me and send them my way.


Complete at least 1 photography education course. I've been doing good and keeping up with this and learning from my photog crushes is so enlightening.


Plan and Schedule all February blogs. I've been 2 months strong so far and it's becoming easier because I keep a note on my phone with blog topics and I email myself when I write something in my free time!

Don't forget to grab a screenshot of this month's to-do list to complete and share it with me on Instagram!


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