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Hello December

It's the last month of 2019 and I'm so grateful for the growth the last 11 months have given me. With that i'm happy to make new goals to finish out the year strong and move on to 2020! Be sure to read through to the end and screenshot the December to-do list and share your goals with me.


Shoot a couple of Christmas Tree lot Sessions. These by far have been my favorite sessions for the holidays. Maybe it's the pine needle smell or maybe its the joy. Probably both but I love these sessions.


Do all the holiday things with my family from tree lightings to gingerbread houses, cookie baking, Christmas song singing around the house all of it!


Attend 2 networking meetings with a 2 different groups of BOSS ass women! Being surrounded by other women entrepreneurs who inspire me and who maybe I can inspire too!


Have a virtual mastermind call with some of my favorite business ladies. When we were stationed at Fort Bragg I met some amazing Milspos (military spouses) and a couple of us would meet up eat and really dig into what we needed to accomplish and support each other. I miss it! so It must happen again virtually since we are now across different states.


Plan + schedule all January blogs. This is going to be a constant for me because honestly the only way for me to stay on top of blogging is to know in great advance what needs to be written or else it just won't get done.

So what do you want/need this month? take a screenshot of my blank December to-do list and share it with me via IG @OprahStephens

I'll be checking in on your progress!


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