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Wedding Attire Inspo for Ladies

Let’s face it as an adult, it’s almost always wedding season. Whether it is a cousin, friend, or coworker someone is always getting married. This leads to the question “What am I going to wear?” Wedding attire can be tricky but trust me, you got this! I composed a list of 5 wedding attire “Do’s and Don’ts” that can help you look your absolute best at any wedding.


DO - Be comfortable

DON’T- Wear anything too tight or revealing

Weddings can quickly turn into an all-day event. You want to make sure you are comfortable and dressed appropriately.


DO - If possible, wear colors that will complement the décor, not clash with it. If the bride and groom have a specific dress code please follow it.

DON’T - Wear white or black unless specifically asked to do so

If you aren’t sure what color to wear it’s okay to wear a neutral color. Don’t be afraid to wear a color that reflects the season (fall, winter, spring, and summer).


DO - Bring a shawl/sweater and comfortable shoes

DON’T - Wear shoes or an outfit that isn’t suitable for long events

Again, weddings can last for a long time. You don’t want your shoes or outfit stopping you from having fun. Pack a pair of backup shoes and a sweater and leave them in the car just in case you need them.


DO – Make sure you take the time of the wedding into consideration

DON’T – Be the only one who isn’t dressed properly for an after 5 wedding

PAY ATTENTION TO THE INVITATION! It almost always states specifics that will determine what you should wear. Still confused? Contact the wedding planner, couple, or wedding party to receive more information.


DO - Be aware of the culture, tradition(s), and religion(s) of the bride and groom when choosing wedding attire.

DON’T - Wear something that may be offensive.

It doesn’t hurt to ask specific questions about the nature of the wedding.

Want more style tips and inspiration? Head on over to our guest writers' website for all that and more!


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