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3 Things my kids are teaching me

My kids both keep me going and make me utterly crazy at the same time! Being their mom is the best thing ever and as much as I teach them every day, they also play a very large role in the things I am learning about the world and about myself.

Little people are amazing in their resilience and the way they view the world. So I want to share a few things that my kids are teaching me. I say teaching and not taught because I'm hard-headed and things I learn don't always stick or rather my 29 years of conditioning gets in the way of what could otherwise be considered progress.

Clap for your damn self!

Whenever MAJr (Major) does anything whether its put something in the trash, jump off the couch successfully without falling or flips the switch to turn off the lights he immediately beams with pride, claps a few times for himself and then continues on with his business. of course, he claps harder and smiles when I say good job baby but regardless of my validation. HE VALIDATES HIMSELF! From this, I remind myself that I'm the shit no matter who is watching, liking or commenting.

Keep Going even when I think no one is watching

My kids don't put on for likes on IG, comments on FB, and sometimes they don't even care if I'm paying attention. Sunni will dance her tail off in front of a mirror with an audience of 1. Often times we get so caught up in wondering who is watching that we aren't true to ourselves or we talk ourselves out of doing things because of fear of not being liked enough. I stopped blogging before under the pretense that no one is reading. But honestly, I had readers and I couldn't possibly gain more if I wasn't writing.

There is beauty in imperfection

Having these two means that my to-do list sometimes gets all jacked up and how I have things all planned out in my head may not go that way. I am learning that spilled flour while baking with Sunni means she is learning and we are spending time. She cant learn how to play her Ukele if she doesn't mess up the notes a few times. Similar to how I cant learn how to new camera techniques if I don't screw it up once, twice,

So what are the small people in your life teaching you?


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