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Happy Halloween/November

Maybe it's just me but it felt like Halloween took FOREVVAAAA to get here! Now that its come and gone that means October is over we are on to November and we can focus on Christmas (with a brief intermission to celebrate Thanksgiving).

Last night was loads of fun! We walked throughout the neighborhood with our Robin and Jack and collected ALLLLL the candy!

I never even knew we had so many kids in our neighborhood!

My favorite neighbor (as of last night) even gave out beer for the adult trick or treaters!

It was cold here in Texas and when I say cold I mean in the high 50s. The kids were bundled up under thier costumes and had fun looting the neighborhood houses for candy. Majr surprisingly held on to his bucket regardless of how heavy it got! He know he had the goods and didn't want to let it out of his sight.

He clearly was not afraid of the Joker either. Especially when daddy is behind the mask!

What did you and your little humans dress up as?

Tell me in the comments... I've already got plans for next year brewing and I plan on starting early this time.

Now its time to head to the stores and grab as much discounted Halloween decor as possible!

Tell me I'm not the only one who has this in mind!

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